Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Craft Party - T-shirt necklace

One of the 2012 goals was to have a craft party every month. In January, I rounded up some gals who could make it and we made t-shirt necklaces. We had a GREAT time making these.

They are simple, easy, cheap and fun. We experimented with design and crafted a different necklace amongst each of us. So fun. Of course, we had appetizers/finger foods and desserts to eat as well because no night of gals gathering can go without food!

Check out the fun we had!

Yes, I was eating and hubby shot the picture at just the right time. Thanks, babe.

Each one is different! Love it!
What I loved about this craft: so easy to personalize! My necklace is 2 lengths - shorter braided strands and longer tubed strands, Amanda on the right has just a tube necklace with a knot wrap- cute! Amy in gray made tube strands, but made braided knot wrapping and Kasey made long braids.

Love the diversity and the fun in this. Each one took about half an hour. Good times and great fun!


  1. Fun! These turned out really cute. Wish I could have been there. What are you doing next??

    1. We are going to make votives covered with lace or twine or both! It's next Sunday at 4:30. Feel free to stop by. Bring a mason jar or jar and lace. I have twine and spray adhesive.