Monday, February 6, 2012

Book Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Here I am... writing a review on this super popular book/series. I've had this copy for about a year waiting to read it. I was so excited to delve into this book only to waste a month of my life trying to work my way through it. Now during that month, I spent a few days not reading and some I was only able to read 5-10 minutes since I went back to work and had tons of meetings and such to prepare for. It should also be noted, I attempted to read this 2 other times prior to this. My motivation for getting through it- I wanted to see the movie but I don't read a book after seeing the movie.
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This book is not an easy read. The plot with Harriet's disappearance was good. That's the only reason I stuck with the book. The subplot of the magazine and finicial corruption case was horrid-maybe a strong word- umm boring. The difficulty lies in the dryness of the first 100-150 pages and last 90 pages. The other problem is the language/translation issues from Swedish to English.

Some caution: there are parts of this novel that are X rated- very X- rated.

My recommendation: see the movie instead of spending time on the book. If you like to read things like financial corruption, missing people, serial killers, mystery, and unsolved cases, try it. If you can't get into it, see the movie.

Will I try the second in the series? Yes, but if I don't like it after 50 pages, it's going in the garage sale/giveaway pile. I don't like to spend time reading something I don't enjoy. 50 pages usually does it for me- I can tell if I'll like it or not. If I'm not liking a book in 50 pages, I stop reading it. I don't like to feel like I've wasted time reading something I'm not going to like when I could read something else that I will. 

Will I see the movie? I no longer have an interest, so, no.

Since reading this, I've started 2 books: The Forgotten Garden (book club pick I started this morning) and Instinctive Parenting. I'll be reviewing Instinctive Parenting soon!

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