Monday, February 13, 2012

February Check-up

I decided to revisit my 2012 goals to see if I have many any progress. I figure I'll share it with you! My wonderful readers...

Get organized- working on it. Mail and jewelry conquered. Working on the junk drawers soon.
Read my Bible daily - try reading the whole thing in a year.- Currently using my Bible app to do a read the Bible in a year plan. I've been reading daily. One night I fell asleep and one night I lost wifi while reading.

New mudroom
Paint office
Dining room- redo – paint, curtains, wall shelves???, decor
New kitchen floor (bamboo)

Make jewelry organizer
Paint furniture (desk, dressers)

Create a toddler calendar with picture cards for important things (library time, etc.)
Create a toddler "helper" board with lil man's "chores"
Save a little more every month
Update my resume- started but no where near finished.

Work on scrapbook- started. I'm doing a page a month or when I can.

Craft party every month- going strong.

Have a garage sale
Upload, share, and save pictures once a month- I did this in Jan. Let's hope I keep it up.

Start a book club that meets monthly- Book club is started! Now to maintain.

How are you doing on your goals for 2012? Have you been keeping track of what they were? I can say I would have lost sight without this blog!

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